Hunter Clinic Instructor Program

classroom.jpgHunting season may only last a few months, but the NRA has an exciting program that will keep your hunting skills sharp all year long! With your help, the NRA has the potential to reach millions of hunters each year and make them better, safer, and more responsible in the field. If you enjoy hunting and want to help ensure its future, become an NRA Certified Hunter Clinic Instructor today!

What is the NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor Program?

The NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor Program (HCIP), developed by NRA Hunter Services, is a program in which skilled hunters teach beginner and intermediate hunters. Instructors have the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge about hunting in North America. NRA Instructors are supplied with up-to-date, educationally sound training manuals supported by the highly acclaimed NRA Hunter Skills Series books. No matter what, where, or how you hunt, the NRA has an instructor program that will interest you. Current topics include:

  • Wild Turkey Hunting
  • Whitetail Deer Hunting
  • Western Big Game Hunting

How do I become an NRA Certified Hunter Clinic Instructor?

Becoming an NRA Certified Hunter Clinic Instructor is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Order your Instructor Kit by calling (800) 492-4868 opt 4 or mailing this form.
  2. Study the books that you receive in your Instructor Packet at your own pace.
  3. Take the exam that is included in your Instructor Packet. A minimum score of 90% is required to pass.
  4. Mail your exam back to NRA with a $35.00 (NRA Member) or $45.00 (Non-Member) processing fee. We'll grade it and send you your credentials.
  5. Start planning your first NRA Hunter Clinic!

woods.jpgYour Instructor Kit will tell you everything you need to know about running a hunter clinic. (Click here to order your Instructor Kit.) Register your clinic with the NRA Hunter Services Department and we'll help you order support materials and advertise your clinic on our website. If you have any questions about getting started, just call us at (800) 492-4868 opt 5.