Facts & Frequently asked Questions

Hunting has been an important human activity for thousands of years. Historically, hunting has been essential to survival and it continues to be in remote areas of the United States and other countries. Additionally, millions of people enjoy its many social, economic, and ecological benefits.

The NRA strongly supports every law-abiding American's privilege to hunt. Along with approximately 15.1 million American hunters and many national conservation organizations, we're working to preserve the American hunting tradition for future generations.

Managed Hunting is a beneficial use of renewable wildlife resources, being in fact a necessary management practice to maintain a proper balance among most species and their habitat. Hunting is essential to the success of wildlife management.

In the early 1900's it was the hunter who realized the destructive nature of unmanaged hunting and the hunter was the first to do something about it by providing the public will and the funds necessary for the development of North America's successful system of wildlife conservation and management.

Today, hunters contribute millions of dollars each year toward wildlife management and conservation projects. As a lawful and responsible hunter you have much to be proud of.